A la carte workshop

Set of objects or
animated recovery

The workshop is done at home or in a suitable place (individually, group or family) garage, country house, kitchen, community hall, other place.
You bring your items and we decide what to do with them. So you can make a decorative tray, a fabulous animal, a character or a mask ... We use glue and string to hold - some rubber bands and tape. We photograph the object and we create a short story - object theater spirit.

Pictorial practices

Several hours are proposed to develop a technique (water-color, gouache, oil and acrylic) in order to create a painting on paper or canvas. 

Mixed media

Learning on various supports, many collages with additions or not, scratchings, tearings, 
cuttings of photos or everyday materials, writings, pages of books, letters from all angles ...

Paper sculpture

Creation of recycled paper sculpture - newsprint, magazines, light cardboard, with or without structure.